Pulling Myself Together

Not because I am a hot mess (I hope) but to bring together all the bits of my work over the past couple of years, so that they can all be in one cohesive whole.

It’s a new year, and I am halfway through my MDiv program at Boston University. Halfway! That seems impossible; surely I just started there. Yet it also feels as though I’ve been doing this always, the dash from classroom to library to lunch, cramming in church work and hospital work where ever it will fit. It feels as if I have always been living this way.

I want a place to gather my thoughts, to gather my work, and it may as well be public, given the public nature of the work of a minister. I imagine the blog will mostly be for book reviews, but this is also a good place to put up information about my sermons. The most frequently asked question I get is to spell out the names of authors I mention, and the close second is for directions to articles referenced. UUs are nothing if not intellectual omnivores, curious to follow along on the journey of a speaker.

Sermons are to be heard, not read, so where available I have posted links to recordings, though I feel that leaves them hovering without context. They are also somewhat ephemeral by their very nature. It makes more sense to me to put whatever portions seem worthwhile into essay form, so links to those will go up as I revise them.

I hope this journey is exciting and interesting to others, but it is definitely exciting and interesting to me, so I will be cheerfully sending forth little thoughts as I have them. If you’re joining me along the way, please send me your thoughts as well! It’s a little lonely to be typing to a screen instead of having a conversation with a friendly face.


Author: Katie

Unitarian Universalist seminarian.

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