The Roots of My Faith

I grew up a seeker, unchurched, finding the holy in the land, sea, and sky. When I found and fell in love with Unitarian Universalism, it felt as though my individual spirit had a taproot, as if I found a foundation I had not known I needed. Interconnection was no longer intellectual, but fully embodied. Through hymns and rituals, I felt deeply connected to those in the pews with me, in a way that enriched and enlivened my personal practices.

My personal spirituality is still pagan and grounded in nature, and in the ways spirit manifests in the world around me. My Unitarian Universalism enables me to hold a larger container, to appreciate the beauty and wisdom of so many traditions and practices, as I accompany others on our shared journeys.

Unitarian Universalism is spiritual solidarity. It is multifaith and multivalent, with many meanings embedded into the larger whole. My faith asks me to sing with you, even if the song is not mind, and it hopes that you will sing with me in turn. The resonances we create together deepen us all and open us all to wider experiences of the sacred.

Our shared experiences of the sacred reorient us by revealing the true nature of our lives together, and showing glimpses of what else might be. Our spirits urge us to action, to building a more loving and just world. This reorientation and revelation moves us to seek expansion, liberation, and more abundant life.